NAMC ATX Thrives at HBCU Basketball Tournament Sponsor by Austin Area Urban league in Cedar Park, Texas

In the heart of Cedar Park, Texas, the H.E.B. Center became the epicenter of excitement as it hosted the annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Basketball Tournament. Sponsor by Austin Area Urban league, with teams from around the nation competing at their best, it was a celebration of talent, culture, and community. But it wasn’t just about the basketball; it was an occasion for unity, collaboration, and unforgettable memories. Among the esteemed attendees was the National Association of Minority Contractors, Austin Chapter (NAMC ATX), which was not only invited but also warmly embraced for two days of hoops and camaraderie.


The HBCU Basketball Tournament is a showcase of incredible athletic abilities, but it’s also a tribute to the rich heritage and legacy of HBCUs. These institutions have been pillars of academic excellence and cultural significance for decades, producing leaders in various fields. The tournament brings together students, alumni, and supporters from all walks of life.


NAMC ATX, an organization dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the construction industry, was not only in attendance but received a warm welcome that reflected the spirit of unity celebrated at the event. The organization was given the opportunity to network, connect with the community, and share its mission of advancing minority contractors in the construction industry.


Over the course of two days, members of NAMC ATX witnessed some thrilling basketball action, showing the dedication and commitment of these student-athletes. As a prominent organization, NAMC ATX’s presence added to the sense of community at the event. It allowed them to engage with a diverse and enthusiastic audience and to convey their dedication to building an inclusive and equitable construction industry.


For NAMC ATX, this event was a golden opportunity to foster relationships and build bridges with local communities and minority-owned businesses. It was not just about enjoying the games but also about contributing to the greater cause of promoting diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities in the construction field.


The H.E.B. Center in Cedar Park, with its state-of-the-art facilities and welcoming atmosphere, provided an ideal backdrop for this celebration of culture and sport. NAMC ATX, representing the commitment to inclusivity in the construction industry, left an indelible mark on the event and cemented its role as a champion of diversity and equity.


As the final buzzer sounded, and the cheers of victory echoed through the H.E.B. Center, NAMC ATX left the tournament not only with the memories of an exceptional basketball competition but also with the knowledge that they had furthered their mission of promoting diversity in the construction industry. The event served as a testament to the power of collaboration, the strength of a united community, and the promise of a more inclusive future.


The HBCU Basketball Tournament at the H.E.B. Center in Cedar Park, Texas, was more than just a sporting event; it was a platform for NAMC ATX to showcase its commitment to diversity, equality, and opportunity. It was a celebration of culture, talent, and togetherness that highlighted the significance of unity in pursuing a common goal. As the final whistle blew, it was evident that NAMC ATX, just like the talented athletes on the court, was a winner in its mission to create a more inclusive construction industry.

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