Texas A&M Bids on Renovation of an Education Building and Health/Safety Upgrades

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The Texas A&M University System Office of Facilities Planning & Construction (FP&C), on behalf of the Board of Regents of The Texas A&M University System (Owner) and West Texas A&M University, is accepting proposals for the selection process to enter into a contract with a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) firm to provide preconstruction services such as constructability guidance, cost estimates, and construction schedules; provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP); and perform complete construction services consistent with the CMAR construction delivery process as utilized by The Texas A&M University System for the Renovation of an Education Building and Health/Safety Upgrades project (#18-3364) located in Canyon, Texas.

Renovation of an Education Building

Since 1987 the building has been only for storage. In order to renovate this building and bring it within code compliance, replacement of all major systems will need to be done on the building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as complete renovation of interior space.

Health/Safety Upgrades

This portion of the project involves Life and Safety upgrades to five buildings on the West Texas A&M campus. The scope of the upgrades includes issues associated with open stairs, stairs without direct egress to the exterior, the need for two means of egress, and fire suppression system additions or upgrades

The planning amount for the project is $44,922,833, which includes an Amount Available for Construction Contract (AACC) of $30,847,426. Fees, furnishings, other work, miscellaneous expenses, and contingencies make up the balance of the Planning Amount.

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Deadline: FP&C will accept proposals uploaded to e-Builder until 2:00 p.m. CDT, Monday, August 29, 2022.

Any questions regarding this RFP shall be directed to:

Gary Hall

The Texas A&M University System

Office of Facilities Planning & Construction

Office: (210) 241-4154

E-mail: ghall@projectcontrol.com

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